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For current year Hale Ray sports, click on Sports.  ***Limited time offering of archived sports galleries.  Beginning the first week of March 2016 with the 2008/2009 school year and opening a new year each week until all the galleries are open. Click the browse button to find Hale Ray Sports. All the open archived galleries are in that folder. Hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane and if you find something you want to keep, buy it now because they available for only a limited time.

NOTICE: Spring 2016 will be my final year of photographing Hale Ray Sports. As if July 2016 Hale Ray sports photos will No Longer be for sale on or viewable this site. Since the fall season of 2008, this site has brought you high quality sports action photos and provided seniors with their own personal photo, courtesy of the Athletic Boosters Club.   As my photography moves in a new direction, contact me with your questions.  Thanks everyone.  I hope I've created as many memories for you as you have for me.  . Ralph Chappell


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